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Le phrase quotidian

2021.11.28 13:51 mcm9ssi9 Le phrase quotidian

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2021.11.28 13:51 Kvanshi Michael Schumacher's Benetton ford b194 at IAA Munich.

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2021.11.28 13:51 Faber_College Bros helping out someone in need.

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2021.11.28 13:51 One-Spray8145 hey come check out Discord with me https://discord.gg/K82mpzTzps

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2021.11.28 13:51 Simonbargiora What does the sensor data codes mean in Star Trek?

the personnel files and even the Lcars maps as well as the TOS medical bay among others are all readable. But when you look closely at the Ship computers most of the time (not counting the other times when sensor readings are written in numbers are letter based.) It is just a bunch of numbers in various boxes on the computer screen. While many will say that they are just random numbers put by the production staff, what is the in universe meaning of the numbers? It is important to point out that any cadet can read sensor readings and pre warp cultures with stolen UFP tech eventually crack the codes. The numbers also seem to be similar across cultures with Starfleet often able to decipher data from old and ancient computers. It wouldn't be to far off to conjuncture that every civilian in the UFP and beyond (among warp capable species) can read all the sensor data with ease. Thus in universe logic dictates that it shouldn’t be that hard for us to decipher the sensor data ourselves.
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2021.11.28 13:51 Direwolf016 A warning about where this game, that I love so much, could end up going:

There is a lot happening in STO that I personally really love. Some long time bugs have finally been fixed; some new features that make a ton of sense; quality in story missions drastically improving (however you feel about the actual storyline, itself); quality reproduction of certain assets from the new shows (even if those new shows aren't universally loved); and many, many other small things changed/improved for the better. Quality has been added to, or improved with, the game.
And while I'm thankful that STO hasn't gone down the route that Neverwinter's gone (yet), it's not that far removed from doing so. There are certain warning signs and caution signals that show through which replicate what Josh is talking about below. This post isn't going to do much in the way of preventing what he's talking about from happening to STO--I actually imagine that this post (and video) will probably irritate users here more than educate--but I'd kick myself for not highlighting it to serve as warning for us long-time players who do not want anything similar happening to the game we love.
Josh Strife Hayes' video on the state of Neverwinter:
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2021.11.28 13:51 Retro_pex Someone knows how to use ledger sat stack ?

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2021.11.28 13:51 M1NECR4FT_IS_C00L I got u

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2021.11.28 13:51 calmblythe Can't decide between Seagate (STKP8000400) and WD (WDBBGB0080HBK-NESN) for 8 TB external drive.

I'm upgrading the storage for my Plex server that's running on a tower PC. The drive is/will be connected via USB. I might shuck it in the future for use in an Unraid setup.
I currently have a 6 TB Seagate Backup Plus Desk (STDT6000100) external drive, bought in 2016, that's just about full. Plex's content accounts for 4 out of the 6 TB. I'm due for an upgrade, have access to a coupon for $100 off on Dell.ca, and I can't decide which of these drives to purchase.
I understand the Seagate (STKP8000400) is most likely SMR, while the WD (WDBBGB0080HBK-NESN) should be CMR.
I know SMR doesn't really matter in a Plex setup where I'll write files once in a while and only read them afterwards, but does it matter for use in Unraid?
I've also read that the WD My Book is entirely "white label" drives which have a 3.3v issue that I might run into if I wanna use the drive in a computer.
And, from my understanding, I'm more likely to get a higher-quality drive if I go with the Seagate (like an IronWolf Pro), or is that only 10 TB and higher? Actually, seems 8 TB would be a Barracuda? Are Barracudas regarded as high-quality disks?
Any info or advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Here are the links to the product pages:

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2021.11.28 13:51 codingbrokeme Thought I'd found a good privacy forum

With the unfounded attack posts against Israel, the moderation censoring posts along extreme leftist idealogy; it's clear /privacy is run by hypocrites.
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2021.11.28 13:51 redditorpdx DrVhz fixes you up! $5 first month. Thank you and be well!!!

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2021.11.28 13:51 IgnacioPittman74 Graham Hancock

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2021.11.28 13:50 cryptochartsbot Thoughts on $ETH #ETH! See AtaMeta's idea on TradingView below. https://t.co/3OzeGq0QPF

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2021.11.28 13:50 AlienCyberCoat Arm Wrestling Reborn PC or VR - Full match demo + workout

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2021.11.28 13:50 hopie_eve He blocked me

Hey. I am been recently talking to a guy for four months. I texted expressing my feelings a day ago and he responded with “ lol.” I didn’t think much of it Bc I assumed he would let me know how he felt but he didn’t. I told him that it hurt my feelings that he responded with “lol” instead of just telling me how he felt. Over night, he blocked my number and on twitter. I don’t get it. He has been so honest before, why not now. Why did he block me instead of just telling me the truth?
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2021.11.28 13:50 highlymindful Some more mutants for ya.

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2021.11.28 13:50 Sweden_ftw Norske Youtubeprofilen Tor ”Apetor” Eckhoff, 57, död – gick genom isen

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2021.11.28 13:50 cryptochartsbot Thoughts on $BTC #Bitcoin! See Cnaesmaily's idea on TradingView below. https://t.co/KP9hT1sqVN

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2021.11.28 13:50 ohh_ok TinyMachines firmware. Hitting move button changes everything to Chinese.

Hi guys - day 3 of my issues from upgrading to tinymachines firmware on my new 10s pro v2.
I installed:
When I click on the move icon on the screen nothing happens but everything turns from English to Chinese. All other buttons seems to work.
Are these the correct files that go together? Any other ideas?
Thanks in advance and happy thanksgiving to all
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2021.11.28 13:50 superplannergirl That time when the light catches the nib just right….

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2021.11.28 13:50 im_Roby Milk

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2021.11.28 13:50 ghostridor Trial ended on any email I try

Is it just me ? any email id i try i get trial ended after premier pro is installed through creative cloud i already tried the full clean method in the guides still no luck.
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2021.11.28 13:50 surfing_hotdog I’m sorry, Mario

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2021.11.28 13:50 cryptochartsbot Thoughts on $ADA #ADA! See sureshjyotix7's idea on TradingView below. https://t.co/gevzinjAVT

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2021.11.28 13:50 Srshetty171005 I swear it isn’t what you think it is Mom!!

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